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  • Wayne Carpenter

5 Steps to support you and your family whilst working from home...

“No time or space? No work/life balance? Increased stress/anxiety? Unable to switch off or recharge? Feeling of being alone? No social interaction and no where to go?.”

Five steps and tips to support your whilst working from home.

1 - Define Your Space

Allocated specific areas within your home for the different activities.

  1. work/study

  2. dining

  3. relaxation

  4. resting

Take care in keeping each area clean and avoid where possible to cross activities and areas.

If you overall space is limited, you can create different zones within one room instead of a separate room for each

2 - Create A Schedule

Having a routine is important, this creates a sense of stability and assurance, not only for you but for all the family. Defining some of the simple basics will allow time for you

  1. what time will you start work or class?

  2. what time will you end work or class?

  3. what time will your breaks be?

Other important areas to consider in your scheduling is time for online/social interactions, coffee talks, connection calls and just time to connect with other adults/peers or colleagues

  • Plan ahead, keep it consistent and allocate time for you

3 - Get Up and Show Up

It's important you are prepared mentally and physically for the day ahead. After defining your working space, planning your schedule the next step is maintaining your routine. We are creatures of habit, we like things to be the same or similar!

  1. Set your alarm and wake at your normal daily timing

  2. Dress and prepare as you would normally do when working from the office or going to school

  3. Prepare for the day physically and mentally

Because you are staying at home, doesn't mean you can hit the snooze button for another 30mins, maintaining your daily routine is important, physically preparing for your day enables you to start to mentally prepare, use the time you would have done travelling to school/work to plan for your day, allow and support yourself for the day ahead.

4 - Mind, Body and Soul Care

Staying home to stay safe is important, and so is you taking care of you! Keeping your mind and body well hydrated, well nourished and mentally/emotionally rested and recharged are critical.

Drinking water at regular intervals is encouraged and maintaining your normal meal times - notice when you're hungry, or are you eating more/less?

Remember to take a break, move your body as physical movements creates psychological shifts - sitting in the same place, looking at the same screen is not good mentally or physically. Schedule time for your regular exercise, is this morning/evening or both?

Recharge you batteries, do something which gives you energy, something which enables you to disconnect from work/schooling and nourishes you internally whether this maybe exercise, meditation, yoga, reading, listening to music or simply breathing and ensuring you have sufficient sleep for your body to repair and recover.

5 - Ask For Support

It's OK to not be OK!, You can put your own needs and wants first, if putting yourself first makes you feel uncomfortable - can you put yourself as an equal to those you are caring for now?

Take a moment and notice your emotions and or feelings, where do they come from, what has happened or been the trigger to you feeling this way? All emotions are old emotions - if this is a repeated pattern, who do you know can support you now?

Energy flows where your attention goes, as you notice where you are at currently, another way to look at this is what are you focused on? If we focus on what we dont want in life, this is actually what we attract more of - If you had to find a way, could you?

You're not alone, it's time to allow yourself to be supported if you need it. You can reach out to your family, friends or professionals for support - You can put yourself first, remember to put the oxygen mask on yourself before those under your care...!

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