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Identity Orientated Psycho-trauma Theory

Access to all forms of trauma is possible. Including prenatal traumas, with the intention mentod that Prof. Dr FRaz Ruppert has developed as the core of Identity-orientated Psychotrauma Theory (IoPT).

Every psychotrauma is a black hole and in the biography of a person, maintained through the personal and collective repression process of the society which this the person lives.


IoPT works with intentions and the resonance techniques, allows us to connect with our victimhood and recognise our own victim attitudes. The intention is the starting point and is devised by the person wishing to explore his or her own issue and their own psyche. Every intention is a reflection of a part of a persons psychotrauma biography. The process shines a light into the blackhole of the trauma-biography and leads them step by step towards clarification

Only when you begin to understand what has happened can you start to accept the truth and to set yourself free.

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Intention Method

Using Resonance with Words

As humans we grow and learn using the psyche's ability to model and mirror others through resonance primarily through mirror neutrons and limbic resonance, for example you ever have the feeling someone is not feeling happy the moment they walk into the room, or you can just feel the love between a couple whom you meet walking down the street...the question is how do you know, how do you get the feeling...this is resonance. 

The Intention Method. 

The client forms a sentence based on the areas they would like to explore in more detail, this can be a personal issue, a professional situation. It can be in the form of a question or a statement and or a picture. ideally the intention would consist of no more than 5 words and the client is asked to then break this into three elements 

The Chosen elements will be resonated by peron's whom the client selects from the group, or in some cases the client or facilitator may step into the element and resonate accordingly. 

In the process of resonating each of the words the client can gain insight  into the unconscious dynamics or patterns which are liming or holding them back from what they intend. 


Throughout the process the client is responsible for their own healing and integration process. All healing is self healing! 

Online Workshop
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The Split Model

Understand how you survived

Let us pause for a moment!, You are here today and you are reading this... you have survived and you are now looking for answers!

Historically psychotherapy was based on the assumption when a traumatic event happened the human pshyche was split into two parts, a healthy self, and a traumatised self. 

What Prof Dr Franz Ruppert has expanded on this is to include now the survival element. I will also bring your attention to the naming of these elements - these are all parts of the original whole psyche and here they are parts of the I, and together form the identity of the individual person.


When a traumatic event happens our healthy self is placed in a situation of extreme stress, the mechanism for the psyche to survive is splitting, therefore at the time of traumatisation a  fragmentation happens and a traumatised I is created. What then happens is the Survival I is also created to protect against feeling the pain of the event when the traumatisation happened - the survival strategies you have today were created to enable you to avoid the pain and to actually survive


The good news is everyone has within them healthy structures which come from the healthy I, these support you in finding back yourself, finding back your own identity and to be able to live your best life possible.   

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